Panthers News · Buffalo Wild Wings: Athlete of the Week

Athletes of the Week: 9/23/2019-10/6/2019

Male Athlete of the Week:

Name: Luke Lawrence

Sport: Boys Golf

Stats: 78 at GWOC, 1st Team All GWOC, Shot 74 at the sectional tournament.

Coaches Comments: Luke has down really well this year and even better in the later half of the season. Shooting a 78 at GWOC and then a 74 at the sectional tournament. He also finished in the top among the GWOC and was named 1st team All Conference.

Female Athlete of the Week:

Name Abby Nugent

Sport: Girls Tennis

Stats: 9-0 record, 1st at GWOC, 1st at the sectional tournament.

Coaches Comments: Abby has been great addition to the team this year. She has become undefeated in the regular season going 9-0. She also won 1st at GWOC for singles. She won the sectionals tournament after beating 4 other players and not losing a single game. She will be continuing districts on Thursday.