Athletic Mission, Philosophy, and Vision

Springboro Athletic Department Mission Statement

The mission of Springboro Athletics is to extend educational opportunities so students can compete in a manner that promotes personal development, fosters teamwork, and teaches important life skills necessary for becoming a valued member of society.


The philosophy of athletics, in the Springboro Community City School District, considers athletics to be an integral part of the school’s educational program, which provides experiences that will help them physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. We believe that by promoting sportsmanship at all levels, the athletic program instills pride and reinforces a sound value structure, and enhances the individual’s self-image, as well as the image of the school district and the community.


One of our goals is to develop athletes and cheerleaders who demonstrate good sportsmanship. We believe that the basic rules of good sportsmanship consist of:

 Showing respect for opponents at all times

 Showing respect for officials and their decisions

 Knowing, understanding, and following the rules of the contest

 Maintaining self-control at all times

 Recognizing and appreciating skill in performances regardless of affiliation.

We believe that being a spectator is a “privilege” and not a “right”. It is a privilege to watch an educational process where teams demonstrate what they have learned in the athletic classroom. Spectators will be held accountable for good sportsmanship.


Personal Development

 Physical conditioning, strength, and overall fitness

 Development of individual skills

 Promote a healthy lifestyle

 Accepting Responsibility for actions

 Self-discipline and a drive to reach potential Teamwork


 Promote the importance of the team succeeding over individual success

 Working with others to achieve a common goal

 Developing a sense of community

 Responsibility to the team Life Skills

Life Skills

 Develop positive character traits

 Teach young people how to compete

 Reinforce classroom learning and academic achievement

 Teach the importance of work ethic

 Learning how to accept success and failure

 Developing leadership qualities

 Teaching sportsmanship and having empathy for others