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Springboro Junior High Athletics

The attached pages include all athletic programs currently available for 7th and 8th grade students. We are extremely excited to offer these sports for our junior high students. We hope you will agree Springboro Junior High has a place for anyone who wants to get involved and experience all the wonderful things that athletics provide. 

A couple of important things to keep in mind:

    • Sport Starting Dates: 
      • August 1st: All Fall Sports
      • October 22nd(3rd week in Oct): Girls Basketball
      • October 29th(Last week in Oct): Boys Basketball
      • November 12th(2nd week in Nov): Wrestling
      • February 22nd(3rd week in Feb): Track and Field
    • Physicals: All the information you need on getting a physical is in this packet. Please understand that all athletes must have an up to date physical on file to be able to participate. 
    • Communication: Make sure to communicate with coaches and the athletic department when you have any concerns or questions. You can also find a lot of our information on our athletic website. (boropanthers.com) Examples are below:


      • Junior High Schedules
      • Athletic Handbook
      • Coaches Contact Information
      • All high school and junior high athletic information
    • Registration: All athletes must be registered on Final Forms prior to the start date of the sport. The registration for each school year begins in June. (i.e. registration for the 21-22 school year starts June of 21) All instructions for registration will be below in a step-by-step process. 
    • Pay to Participate: The Springboro Community School District requires a pay to participate fee for all athletes. The fee for junior high athletes is $160.00 per junior high sport. Each family is capped at $1040.00 for each school year.



**Parents must register first and then they will be able to add students.** 


How do I Sign up?

Note: You will receive an email within 2 minutes prompting you to confirm and complete your registration. If you do not receive an email, then click your spam folder. If you still can not locate the FinalForms email, then email support@finalforms.com informing our team of the issue. 

  • Check your email for an ACCOUNT CONFIRMATION EMAIL from the FinalForms mailman. Once received and opened, click CONFIRM YOUR ACCOUNT in the email text. 
  • Create your new FinalForms password. Next, click CONFIRM ACCOUNT
  • Click REGISTER STUDENT for your first child.


What Information will I need?

Basic medical history and health information, insurance company, and policy number. Doctor, dentist, and medical specialist contact information. Hospital preference and contact information. 

How do I register my first child?

**IMPORTANT: If you followed the steps on the previous page, you may jump to step number 3.**

  • Go to: https://springboro-oh.finalforms.com/
  • Click LOGIN under the Parent Icon.
  • Locate and click the ADD STUDENT button.
  • Type in the LEGAL NAME and other required information. Then, click CREATE STUDENT.
  • If your student plans to participate in a sport, activity, or club, then click the checkbox for each sport. Then, click UPDATE after making your selection. Sections may be changed until the registration deadline. 
  • Complete each form and sign your full name (i.e. ‘Jonathan Smith’) in the parent signature field on each page. After signing each, click SUBMIT FORM and move on to the next form. 
  • When all forms are complete, you will see a ‘Forms Finished’ message. 

**IMPORTANT: An email will automatically be sent to the email address that was given for your student. This email will prompt the student to login and sign all the required forms.**

How do I register additional students?

Click MY STUDENTS. Then, repeat steps number 3 through number 7 for each additional student.

How do I update information?

Login at any time and click UPDATE FORMS to update information for any student. 


(Football, Volleyball, Cross Country, Sideline Cheer)

SIDELINE CHEERLEADING: There will be 2 teams for the Junior High Fall sideline cheer. One team will consist of 7th graders who will cheer for the 7th grade football team. The other will consist of 8th graders who will cheer for the 8th grade football team. 

  • Expectations: Typically games for Jr. High football is Wednesday and Thursday night. If they need to get moved they try to move to Tuesday night. Practices are twice a week until games start and then they will drop off early and girls will practice prior to the game. 
  • Dates: Jr. High kicks off their season typically the last week of July/first week of August with a cheer camp that will run all day from 8 am – 4 pm. The JH football season is typically done mid October before the 8th graders go to Washington DC. The banquet will be held after they have returned. Tryouts for incoming 7th and 8th graders will be clinics held the week of May 3-6 and tryouts will be Friday May 7th and May 8th. 
  • Additional Information: There will also be a Blue/White scrimmage that the girl will participate in in early August to start the season. All sideline cheerleaders regardless of the season they cheer for will be required to attend and participate in the Bag Bingo fundraiser typically held in July. 


CROSS COUNTRY:  All junior high cross country information can be found at the link below.


FOOTBALL:  There is one 7th and one 8th grade football team and there are no cuts in football. Our goal is to play two football games per week. Varsity games are typically played on Wednesdays, and JV games are typically played on Thursday (Final schedules will be on the website). Players will dress for both games for their team. Approximately half of the team will play each game. 


GIRLS’ VOLLEYBALLThere is one 7th and one 8th grade volleyball team. We do cut players from each grade level. The varsity head coach is Pam Coffin. Once teams have been selected practices begin immediately on August 4th going 5-6 days a week until matches start. The season runs from August 2nd – Mid October. 

  • Sports Training: We are currently offering twice weekly sports performance training modified for our incoming JH players. If you are interested, please reach out to Coach Pam Coffin (pamcoffinvb@gmail.com).
  • Open Gyms: Additionally, we expect to start pen Gyms twice weekly on Mondays and Wednesdays beginning the first week of June. The location and time is undetermined at this time because of gym availability issues due to upgrades at the high school. 
  • Tryouts: Tryouts for the fall season take place on August 2nd from 6:30 PM (Both 7th and 8th graders), and August 3rd at 4:30 pm (only 7th graders), 5-6:30 pm (only 8th graders). Both sessions are mandatory. In order for you to try out, players must be registered on Final Forms. 


(Girls and Boys Basketball, Wrestling, Sideline Cheer, Competition Cheer)

BOYS’ BASKETBALL: Welcome to the Springboro Boys Basketball program. The Springboro basketball program is unified, 7th grade through Varsity, so our objective in Junior High is to develop players for High School and future Varsity consideration. Ultimately, the program is built to accomplish the Springboro Athletic Department’s mission of promoting personal development, fostering teamwork, and teaching life skills. Please click the link to find a more detailed description of the junior high program. (Junior High Program Details)

  • Offseason: (May-October) – EnhancedU, Open Gyms, AAU
  • Tryouts: (Last Week of October) – 2 teams(Blue and White), Cuts are made in 2 rounds, must be registered in order to try out. 
  • Practices: (Begin November 1st) – Practices are about 2 hours long, 6 days a week, either practices at JH or Dennis Elementary. 
  • Games: (December – February, 16 games) – Athletes will ride the bus together to away games, games are usually Monday/Wednesday/Saturday, there is no playing time limit, 
  • You will find additional information on all topics and additional topics if you please click the link above and also below. 
  • Link: (Junior High Program Details)


GIRLS’ BASKETBALL: The Junior High Girls Basketball program consists of 16 regular season games. These will start the last week of November and go through the end of January. At the end of the regular season the GWOC will have a tournament for the conference champion for each grade level. The season and try outs will be around the 3rd week of October. The Springboro JH program splits each grade level into 2 equal teams (Blue and White). Girls’ games are usually on Tuesday, Thursdays, and Saturdays. The off-season consists of open gyms, summer league games, and two basketball camps in June and July  that Springboro offers. 


SIDELINE CHEERLEADING:  There will be 4 teams for the Junior High Winter sideline cheer. Two teams will consist of 7th graders who will cheer for the 7th grade Boys Basketball blue or white teams. The other two will consist of 8th graders who will cheer for the 8th grade Boys Basketball blue or white teams. 

    • Games: Typically there will be around 22 games, home and away. Games are usually on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night with an occasional Saturday game. 7th and 8th graders will be assigned to Blue or White and will cheer for that color team all season. 7th and 8th grade will ride the bus together to away games. 
    • Practices: 7th and 8th grade will practice during the month of November, twice a week for 2 hours each practice. Basketball cheer will also have a Saturday in November to learn the basketball sideline chants. 
    • All cheerleaders must follow all cheer contract guidelines at all times. 


  • Important Dates:


    • Start: Season practices will begin the first week of November. Games will begin either the last week of November or the first week of December. 
    • Finish: The season typically ends mid-February
    • Tryouts: Take place with Fall Sideline in April or May of the previous year. Tryouts consist of clinics and a tryout date.
    • Off-Season: Junior High Cheer Camp in the summer, team bonding activities


COMPETITION CHEERLEADING: Junior High Competition Cheer consists of 7th and 8th grade cheerleaders. They must be on a sideline squad to be eligible to try out for competition cheer. Tryouts are in May of the year before the athletic year. (i.e. May of 2021 for the 21-22 school year) Conditioning starts in June and practices start in July. Choreography Camp is the last week of July. They practice twice a week and have competitions on the weekends starting in late October and going through February. There will usually be typically 10 competitions per year. 




(Track and Field)

TRACK AND FIELD: Any boy or girls may participate in track and field. The team practices and attends meets together, but competes separately between boys and girls. Track is made up of running events (100M/200M/800M/1600M/hurdles/relays) and field events (long jump/high jump/discus/shot put/pole vault)

  • Expectations:
    • We are allowed 12 meets on schedule. Usually we have over 100 kids, so we spread everybody out to make sure they get to at least 3 meets during the season.
    • Hoping next year we can get busses, so I wouldn’t say anything about busses.
    • Parent meeting at the end of February to address any questions about the season. 
    • We usually start conditioning mid February
    • We are done by beginning/Mid May
    • Practices are usually Monday-Friday @ 3-5 PM
    • There are no tryouts! Open to everybody and anybody, even those who are in another sport like soccer, lacrosse or baseball. We try to work on everybody’s schedule. 
    • There is an opportunity to compete at state level. There are States for junior high track in the middle of May. This year it is May 15. 
    • There is no off-season work at this time
  • Eligibility:
    • Students must meet Quarterly Eligibility – cannot have failed 2 classes or more
    • Students must meet Weekly Eligibility – Cannot have 2 grades below 70
    • Students with one failing grade will be required to attend homework help for the week.
    • We try to do fun outings like run/walk to the K, and sometimes even go to Young Jersey.

Junior High Contact Information

(Junior High Principals, Athletic Department, Coaches)

Athletic Department Name Phone Number Email
Junior High Principal Jon Franks 937-748-3953 jfranks@springboro.org
Asst. Junior High Principal Alisha Jung 937-748-3953 ajung@springboro.org
Junior High Athletic Director Kyle Longworth 937-748-4110 klongworth@springboro.org


Coaches Directory Link: Springboro Coaches Directory

Junior High Athletics Program Document: SJHS Athletic Program

**Both of these are live documents and are the most up to date contact information**