Members of Hall of Fame

Inductees by Induction Class Year

Class of 2019

Kennedy, Sean – Baseball, Basketball

Welsh, Sean – Football

Bohaboy, Paul – Coach

Coates, Ryan – Soccer

Class of 2018

White, Scott – Baseball. Basketball

Kindel, Mike – Baseball, Football

Class of 2017

Barbiea, Dani – Swimming

Hamilton, Carly – Cross Country, Track

Shivener, Cody – Wrestling, Football

Class of 2016

(Allen) Cameron, Sarah – Track and Field

Campbell, Antoin – Football

Stuckey, Dave – Coach

Class of 2015

Bacher, Mike – Soccer

Ghysels, Chuck – Baseball

Holtrey, Troy – Coach, Athletic Director

Kincaid, Blaine – Swimming

Class of 2014

Dudley, Craig – Football, Track

Grabeman, Leslie – Golf

Hough, Cory – Baseball

Johnson, Glenn – Basketball, Football

Johnson, Zach – Football

Oliver, Greg – Track, Football

Teets, Ryan – Basketball

Van Dijk, Justin – Soccer

Class of 2013

Campana, Tony – Baseball, Football

Ghysels, David – Baseball, Football

Mockabee, John – Track, Football

Webb, Scott – Golf, Tennis

Wight, Lindsay – Basketball

(McIntyre) Wray, Janet – Basketball, Volleyball, Softball

Class of 2012

Groleski, Brad – Tennis, Basketball

Hall, Dennis – Track, Basketball, Cross Country

Hurley, Zach – Baseball, Football

Schwieterman, Kelly – Track, Cross Country

Sullivan, Kelsey – Basketball

Class of 2011

Ballard, Jake – Football, Basketball

Ballard (Fluty), Becky – Basketball

Balyo, Chad – Cross Country, Track

Creager, Rick – Coach

Grabeman, Kevin – Golf

Leuzinger (Sukola), Heather – Softball, Basketball, Volleyball

Class of 2010

Heiny, Matt – Soccer, Baseball

Howard, Luke – Baseball, Basketball, Football

James, Chip – Basketball

Kearns, Dale – Basketball, Baseball

Kelley, Robbie – Baseball, Basketball, Soccer

Partlowe (Plasier), Carrie – Basketball, Soccer, Softball

Class of 2009

Doliboa, Cain – Basketbal, Golf

Doliboa, Seth – Basketball, Golf

Francis, Damon – Basketball, Football

Knee, Matt – Football

Plessinger, Anne – Tennis

Class of 2003

Christensen, Chris – Baseball, Basketball

Johnson, Mark – Baseball, Basketball, Football, Track

Kumle, Amy – Basketball, Golf, Track

Robison, Rob – Football, Basketball, Track

Smith, Bruce – Football, Basketball, Coach, Athletic Director

Class of 1997

Crocker, Bill – Booster, Board Member

Eckert, Sherry – Cross Country, Track

Fenlon, Tim – Basketball

Kees, Jeff – Football, Golf, Basketball

Class of 1995

Gibson, Christa – Track, Cross Country

Jutras, Jim – Track, Football, Basketball

Norris, Lonnie – Coach

Perez, Ray – Superintendent

Ralston, Dave – Track, Cross Country, Basketball

Ross (Bodden), Jody – Track, Cross Country

Class of 1993

Elswick (Little), Bev – Basketball, Volleyball, Softball

Hefflin, Larry – Coach, Track, Basketball

Smith, Mike – Football, Wrestling, Track

Class of 1992

Freese, Dave – Baseball, Basketball

Ross, Don – Coach, Athletic Director

Ross, Vince – Principal, Booster

Saunders, Gerald – Coach

Swope, Todd – Football, Track, Basketball

Class of 1991

Hensley, Doug – Track, Soccer

Wade, Ralph – Booster, School Board

Lamb, Brad – Track, Football, Basketball, Soccer

Class of 1989

Flynn (Wray), Molly – Basketball, Volleyball, Track

Gillis, Ernie – Wrestling, Football

Swope, Scott – Team Doctor, School Board

Class of 1988

Baker, Greg – Football, Track, Basketball

Grooms, Kristi – Basketball, Track, Cross Country

Class of 1987

Jackson, Daryl – Track, Basketball, Football

Class of 1986

Porter, Doug – Football, Basketball, Baseball

Class of 1985

Dunaway (Leisz), Peg – Archery

Hall, Charlie – Track, Baseball, Cross Country

Wight, Allan – Football, Basketball, Track

Class of 1984

Burson (Ballard), Debby – Basketball, Volleyball, Softball

Mockabee, Bob – Basketball, Track

Patton, Gary – Basketball, Baseball, Cross Country

Wade, Ed – Track, Football

Class of 1983

Charlton, Rod – Basketball, Track

Johnson, Charles – Football, Track, Basketball

Shaffer, Walt – Basketball, Track, Baseball

Zech, Kim – Golf, Football, Basketball

Class of 1982

Coates, Lawrence – Basketball, Track

Kruer, Ed – Baseball, Basketball

Null, Lou – Basketball, Baseball

Sweny, Everrett – Basketball, Track

Thomas, Warren – Track, Basketball

Dillon, Rod – Football, Golf

Jimmy Wilson – Track, Basketball

Wilburn, Don – Basketball, Track, Cross Country

Class of 1981

Blevins, Mike – Basketball, Track

Burkhart, George – Basketball, Track

Burson, Gil – Basketball, Baseball

Darnold, Eugene – Track

Dillion, David – Football, Baseball

Hough, James F. – Basketball, Golf, Cross Country

Hough, James L. – Basketball, Track

Shivner, Julia – Basketball, Softball, Volleyball

Stephens, Ron – Track, Football

Tucker, Amy – Basketball, Softball, Volleyball